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We're transforming healthcare and addressing some of the most challenging issues.

Enhancing Primary Care through Innovative Digital Solutions


Digital solutions are redefining primary care.

Health Outcomes

No More “Doctor’s Orders:” The Impact of PCP Energy on the Work Environment


To succeed in transformative primary care, you must nurture a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Value-Based Care

Breaking Barriers in Academia: Integrating Value-Based Care Education in Medical Schools and Residency Programs


Value-based care is increasingly prevalent as a healthcare delivery model. 

Value-Based Care

Recharging Mid-Shift with Breath and Movement


Physicians are often the first to tell you how to care for your health.

Physician Culture

Measuring Quality of Care Beyond Clinical Outcomes


All physicians want their patients to experience the best outcomes possible.

Health Outcomes

The Opposite Side of Obesity: Addressing Low BMI in Older Adults


In our popular culture and media, we often hear about the dangers of obesity.

Health Outcomes