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Career Path

Professional Opportunities

Our physician-led organization invites the best, brightest and most committed physicians to join us in transforming care and improving outcomes for seniors. Part of your success as a PCP lies in our structure and proprietary training programs.

It isn’t just primary care,
it’s transformative care.®

ChenMed Career Path, showing both the leadership and partnership tracks


Clinical Leadership Pathways Program

Our new Clinical Leadership Pathways Program creates clinical leaders in the foremost area of medicine – primary care. We level the compensation playing field between primary care physicians and the specialties.

Open to qualified internal and external applicants, our innovative program provides selected physicians with world-class leadership training and development in value-based care, access to proprietary outcomes, and exceptional development and compensation opportunities.

"At a time when fee-for-service practices are declining, ChenMed is growing and recruiting physician leaders to help us become America’s leading primary care provider.”

Dr. Gordon Chen - CMO

Pathway to Partnership

We want you to be among the highest-paid primary care physicians in your market. After one year of service, top-performing ChenMed physicians who meet qualifying criteria are offered partnership status. This entitles our physicians to quarterly profit-sharing opportunities in addition to their base pay.

Our Path to Partnership is an extension of our unique philosophy and care model and is designed to ensure that our successful physicians are recognized and supported.



  • Qualify for profit-sharing 
  • Role model for mindset and behaviors 
  • Mentor new physicians
  • Spokesperson for recruiting


Senior Partner

  • Qualify for larger profit-sharing
  • May be asked to take on leadership responsibilities within our staff model


Executive Partner

  • Qualify for largest profit-sharing
  • Additional clinical leadership responsibilities

Physician Stories

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