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Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation: Strategies for Primary Care Physicians


Loneliness can occur at any stage of life but may occur more frequently as we age.

Patient-Centered Care

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease: A Primary Care Physician's Role in Hypertension Management


Primary care physicians play an essential role in providing the preventive care that maintains th

Value-Based Care

Championing Diversity: The Impact of Women in Medicine


Women's contributions have greatly influenced medical practice.

Physician Culture

Increasing Healthcare Access in the Community: The Value of Primary Care


For many people, primary care physicians are the only healthcare providers they will ever see.

Value-Based Care

The Role of Primary Care in Early Detection and Intervention for Seniors


Primary care doctors are a vital part of healthcare delivery, providing the first point of contac

Patient-Centered Care

Turning Skeptical Patients into Active Partners


The majority of Americans feel the nation’s health care system is failing them, according to a 

Patient-Centered Care